Erick B. Divinagracia

Erick B. Divinagracia

Legal Practice:

Mr. Divinagracia’s practice focuses on commercial litigation and corporate and business transactions for domestic and major foreign corporations.

Bar Membership:

    • Washington State Bar
    • Federated States of Micronesia Bar


Mr. Divinagracia has over 15 years of extensive legal experience. He was born in Hawaii and raised in Washington State and received his Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Western Washington University in 1997 and received his Juris Doctor from Seattle University School of Law in 2000.

Upon receiving his license to practice law in 2001, Mr. Divinagracia opened his own general law practice for eight years where he gained invaluable experience handling many aspects of law. Mr. Divinagracia then became the managing attorney for the nation’s largest bankruptcy firm at the time where he oversaw three offices in Washington State and later worked at the state’s largest bankruptcy firm where he successfully handled numerous complex foreclosure cases.

In 2012, Mr. Divinagracia moved to Pohnpei State where he worked at the FSM Department of Justice and headed its Maritime and Personnel Divisions. Mr. Divinagracia was even appointed as the Acting Secretary of Justice to oversee the entire Department by then FSM President Emanuel Mori. Upon joining the Ramp & Mida Law Firm, Mr. Divinagracia has worked extensively advising domestic and major foreign corporations through complex transactions and litigation. Mr. Divinagracia also has vast experience in maritime law where he has represented numerous vessel owners on a variety of issues that range from vessel collisions, ship mortgages, and defending vessels against the FSM Department of Justice where he has been very successful at getting cases dismissed or settled in favor of the client.

Personal Accomplishments:

Mr. Divinagracia has help found several non-profit organizations that were created to help start new innovative sports and health programs for the youth in Pohnpei State and the FSM.  Most notably, the Pohnpei Athletics Club where he was able to obtain the largest grant award for a renovation project by the Australian Embassy that was used to improve the old Pohnpei Fitness Center into a new facility, and also the creation of the FSM Boxing Association, where as the President and Head Coach he was able to make FSM history by taking the first boxing team to the 2015 Pacific Games and getting the first Micronesian boxer into the 2016 World Olympics.