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FSM Department of Justice Guidance on Public Law 19-91

In this article, we explore the FSM Department of Justice’s (DOJ) position, and how it affects Public Law 19-91 if at all. Based on a July 19, 2016 Memorandum from the FSM DOJ to the Chief of Immigration and Labor, the rebuttable presumption of renunciation of another foreign citizenship will be granted to FSM citizens and FSM

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Analyzing the Legislative History of Public Law 19-91’s Rebuttable Presumption of Renunciation of Dual Citizenship

Legislative History of Public Law 19-91 In the last blog, we discussed Public Law 19-91 in general. Here we take a step back and analyze the legislative history of this law.   “Legislative history is a term that refers to the documents that are produced by Congress as a bill is introduced, studied and debated.

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Public Law 19-91’s Rebuttable Presumption of Renouncing FSM Dual Citizenship

On June 14, 2016, FSM Vice President Yosiwo P. George on behalf of President Peter Christian signed Public Law 19-91 into law. The purpose of this law is to create a way to renounce dual citizenship for those persons that hold FSM citizenship in addition to citizenship of another country. Can the law do such

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